Learning any foreign language does not mean to become a perfect speaker but your goal is to communicate effectively. You only need to deliver your message to the next person and it does not need perfection. Remember, you cannot become perfect in any language even in your native language. Perfection is something that does not exist, so focus to sharpen your abilities to communicate well. When you communicate with any foreigner using your language skills, your satisfaction level tells you that how smartly you have conveyed your message. Here are some tips that will help you to hone your speaking skills. Find below our 5 tips to make you a powerful foreign language speaker.

  1. Listen attentively: Listening helps you a lot in speaking. When you listen any podcast or song, the words and phrases will stick into your mind magnetically. Focus on the words and pronunciation and try to remember it. Listen it again and again. You may find some wonderful podcasts and youtube channels to choose content of your own choice. Remember your interest matters the most otherwise you might lose your determination. Moreover, there are various facebook pages that will share some useful links from where you can get listening material of your choice.

  2. Read passionately: Find reading material in your target language and read it loudly. Try to memorize the words and phrases and use them in your speaking. The reading texts will help you to improve your vocabulary skills. You may find these reading texts online or from your nearby bookstore. It can be comics, novels, news or even children stories. Reading is the key to open up the close doors of speaking. But do find the stuff that will interest you, never go to the text just for the sake of reading. Read with passionate so that you may find pleasure in it because the things you like will help you to learn more.

  3. Write freely: Never hesitate and feel afraid of your mistakes, but embrace them. Write without any barrier because this skill will help you to clear up the clutter in your head. Make sentences and write short paragraphs freely. You may find so many sincere language partner who are ever ready to help you in learning a foreign language. You may ask them to make corrections in your write-ups. Moreover, find some interesting texts and copy down that will help you to memorize it. Song lyrics are the best example of it, write them down to memorize and then sing it!

  4. Record yourself lovingly: Do not feel shy to record yourself. Read any news, a short story, sing a song or any other item that attracts you most and then listen it. You will find mistakes, your gut feeling tells you about your mistakes, this is the reason recording oneself is a very helpful tool to improve your speaking skills. In this way, you are not only targeting only one skill but enhancing your reading and listening power too.

  5. Imitate perfectly: Imitate as the parrots do. Imitate a singer or a news caster does not mean to copy the style but to imitate the pronunciation of certain words and phrases. For example in French, words are pronounced differently if you say them alone but their pronunciation differs when they are conjugated with other words. So, imitate perfectly to speak like natives.