Whenever you are planning to learn a new language, your family members or friends always ask that why are you wasting your time and money. It is the reason because they don’t know the those indescribable feeling of achievement, feeling of knowing something new that stands you out of the crowd and feeling of happiness when you can communicate with someone else in that new foreign language. No matter how many mistakes you have made or how wrong you pronounce the words, it is the feeling that monolingual people will never understand!

Here are Indescribable Feelings that You cannot Explain to Monolingual People but only you can understand.

  1. Learning a new language without any reason:
    Hey why are you learning French or Spanish or German or Italian or any other language, you are wasting your time and money and what not. These are the objections and comments you heard whenever you start learning a new language. But, how can you define that learning satiates your desire of knowing new things. Ah! they cannot understand.
  2. When you come across a language bookstore:
    While walking down the street you have discovered a new language bookstore with lots of interesting books in foreign languages. It is just like as if you are in your dreamland. This is the feeling that you cannot put into words to all those who know only their one language.
  3. Buying lots of books and dictionaries in foreign language:
    I have loads of books in English, French, Spanish and Chinese and my family members ask me what will you do with them. Whenever I go to the bookstore I always buy some new books or dictionaries in a foreign language, which gives a feeling that I cannot explain to others. Perhaps I might find a new phrase or word from it. They don’t understand, actually!
  4. Pointing out mistakes in subtitles while watching a movie:
    It will be an awesome feeling when you find mistakes in the subtitles while watching a movie. You will explain it to those who are sitting besides you that this is the mistake and the people who are responsible for making subtitles should learn from ‘’YOU’’. Your family members or friends cannot understand until they learn a new language.
  5. When you speak with foreigners in their language:
    This is what that you cannot put into words. Talking to foreigners in their language would be great fun and motivates you to learn even better. This is something as if your dream comes true when you deliver your ideas and thoughts fully to them.
  6. When someone asks to say a certain sentence in the foreign language:
    This would be interesting as well as awkward at times. You knew it and learned it by heart but unfortunately you forget it at the moment. But when you say it completely and successfully then you are asked to say something else. Yes, I know you can understand and your monolingual friend cannot, hah!