Being a language learner, you know that how much hard work and dedication is required. That’s a thing monolingual people would never understand. There are so many things that make you different from others for example, using your time smartly or find unique ways to solve the problems. But list is not finishes here as you own lots of amazing abilities, which stand you out of the crowd. Check below our 7 Fantastic Things that Differ you from Monolingual People:

  1. Ready for Tomorrow Right Away: Very right, you dismisses procrastination as it kills not only energy but dedication too. You work hard and plan before the time comes as you know the skill of using time smartly. Language learners keep track of their learning tasks and make notes of what has been left behind to manage their next learning sessions effectively.
  2. Eat Frogs in the Morning: Language learners eat frogs in the morning as the whole day becomes a cakewalk for them. They always do the difficult tasks first to make the rest of the learning process easier for them. You don’t give up and always try to keep your learning track smooth that is why you always clear the hurdles first. For example, language learners make flash card first to make their vocabulary learning easy.
  3. Well Defined Goals: Language learners have well defined goals as they know what do they have to achieve in one day and by the end of one month. They planned and act accordingly. For example they have planned to watch a movie in a targeted language by the end of the month (big goal) and for this they have to learn certain amount of vocabulary every day (smaller goal) so that, they can enjoy the movie easily.
  4. Master of Single Task: They were gone by days when jack of all traits and master of none is everybody’s choice. Yes multi taskers were in demand but this is time to become master of a single task to achieve your target successfully and before time usually. Make plan, simplify things and act one after another so that you can achieve your goals easily.
  5. Smart Use of Technology: Language learners know more about the technology updates than the monolingual people because they are always in the learning process. They find ways to make their learning easier. For example they know more about


  6. Embrace Risks and Mistakes: Language learners know that if they don’t take risks, they never succeed. So they try different methods
    • Take risks
    • Make lots of mistakes
      which make them master and help them to grow effectively.

  8. Learning is Their Daily Routine: Learning never ceases for language learners. They feel uncomfortable if they don’t learn something new during their day breaks. They use different methods to learn faster during
    • Their breakfast or lunch
    • While going to their work or school.
    • In the garden or at night before sleep
    • They always find ways to improve their language