Most of the time when people start learning a new foreign language they don’t know how to set their goals, what will be the true technique to learn faster or how to check their progress weekly or monthly. That is why, students start making mistakes, which will ruin their language learning process and they think it an uphill task. Here are some important points that you should take care about during your language learning and they will help you to overcome the mistakes.

7 Mistakes that will Ruin Your Language Learning Process

  1. Unclear Goals: Students start learning languages randomly. Some day they are focusing on vocabulary or the other day they start listening podcasts. They have unclear goals and don’t know from where to start and how to check their progress. So try to make clear and smart goals that are easy to achieve. For example; you have a target of learning ten words each day.
  2. Neglected or Presumed Evaluation: When you start your learning process so make sure to test your skills properly and celebrate your success regularly! Evaluating your progress will help you to consider your weak points and don’t forget to make a planner. Note down it and track your progress and after every achievement celebrate it. Have icecream or cake and tell your family and friends about your improvements.
  3. Focusing on Same Pattern: Students start learning on a similar pattern like same set of vocabulary or sentences. Come up with variety of topics and ways. For example, listen to a song and try to learn the lyrics and sing it to your friends. In this way you may not only improve your vocabulary but learn variety of phrases too. Listen podcasts and read a factual story in your target language every other day.
  4. Learning without YOUR Interest: It means you are learning with whatever you have. Try to focus on your interests, this way your learning pace will be doubled because interests are connected with your heart. Make a clear target, for example by the end of a month you will watch a movie in your target language so for this you will learn the vocabulary and phrases, which will help you to watch your favourite movie.
  5. Comparison with Others: This is not Olympics that you are comparing your progress with others. Your competition is with yourself ONLY. Don’t try to compare your progress with other but compare your last week’s and this week’s progress will give you best results.
  6. Weak Commitments: If you start learning vocabulary or phrases everyday without any clear goals then it is all useless. Make strong commitments, promise yourself and shut your procrastination in a store room. Consistency is the key to success. So never give up, track your progress and have strong commitments with yourself.
  7. Getting Nervous about the Mistake: See if you don’t make mistakes you will never correct yourself. Mistakes help you to achieve the milestones. Never afraid of your mistake, you will make it twice or thrice but fourth time you will make it correct and interestingly you will remember it to the rest of your life.