Literature and folklore is full of imaginary characters, which are still famous and people think as if they really exist. Some of these characters are well known as heroes like Hamlet, pretty herions like Tess’ whom her creator Thomas Hardy fell in love, and lot of others who are pirates, villains and captains.

Alongwith these famous ones, there are some monsters who are ugly and frightening creatures and create suspense and thrill in the stories. They are the protagonists and are famous as a hero. They include:


  1. Frankenstein:
    The character was created in 1818. Mary Shelley wrote the novel with the same name and people still think that the stitched ugly creature is Frankenstein. But it is the doctor who has created the monster. This is the most gruesome monster in English literature.
  2. Golem:
    The beast is well known in the Jewish literature. Golem is made of clay and become alive with the help of supernatural powers. In some stories Golem becomes animated if the word truth is written on its forehead. And if the word death is written on his forehead then it becomes a heap of mud.
  3. Grendel:
    This powerful ugly monster is found in the first scripture found in the English literature, Beowulf. In this story the protagonist fights with Grendel to protect the King. The mother of this beast of Anglo-saxon story is equally powerful as him and fights with the hero.
  4. Dracula:
    This well dressed monster is created by Bram Stoker in 1897. He sucks the blood, having red eyes and kill people with two large canine teeths. Dracula means ‘’Son of Dracul’’ as Bram Stoker was really inspired by Vlad III Dracula and thus have created this monster, which is still famous in children’s stories.
  5. Sasquatch:
    Famously known as the Big Foot. It wanders around the forests and woodlands of Canada and in the Northwest of Northern America. So many people have hunted it but nobody succeeds to catch it alive. He got hi name because of the giant sized footprints, which he leaves behind to scare us!
  6. Yeti:
    Similar as Big Foot, Yeti is an Asian monster who is found in Himalayas. It has white hairs on his body but interestingly nobody has seen him ever. He climbs and hikes to those high peaks where nobody can reach. Yeti is a Tibetan word, which means a small manlike animal.
  7. Bogeyman:
    This is the character in the stories, which mothers use to tell to their naughty children since the 19th century. Bogeyman kidnaps those children who don’t listen to their mothers and never finishes their homework. So next time finish your homework on time.
  8. Loch Ness Monster:
    Loch Ness is a very famous lake and tourist attraction site in Scotland. Loch means lake and Ness probably means the roaring monster. Nobody has witnessed this monster yet but people still believe that this monster swims in the lake and haunts people who are sailing and swimming there. Interestingly, many people visited Loch Ness just to see the monster!