The focal point in learning languages is your own FOCUS and CONCENTRATION. You need to clear the clutter and mind-mess to give a fresh space for new language, which is going to enter in your head. It is very important to dismiss all the distractions and hurdles that will create hindrances in your language process. Here are some great tips to sharpen your focus. Here are my 9 tips that help you to concentrate on language learning.


  1. Brush-off Your Mind-Mess: Before starting your lesson you need to clean your mind mess and clutter. The best way is to take a paper and pencil and write down all your mind boggling ideas, unclear thoughts or all those messy reflections, which create distractions in your mind. Do this exercise daily for five minutes to make your mind clean and give it a fresh start.
  2. Focus on Single Tasking: Stop being a multi tasker learner. It is completely useless to go for one thing and after a few minutes pick another. Stop it right away! Focus on one thing and do it smartly. Multi tasking will weaken your mind and drains your energy.
  3. Move Slowly: Never think that going faster will give you better results rather slow down your pace and focus on a single target. Because going slower will not only increase your mental abilities but help you to learn more gradually. Concentrate on what you have in your hand, when you finish it then move for the next.
  4. Record Your Progress: Keep a notebook to record your progress. You may write some motivational quotes and decorate it with cute stickers. This notebook will be a treasure for you as it has the record of all the learning achievements that you have made.
  5. Cut Down the Self Distracting Things: Think about all those things that will sabotage your learning. It can be television or a radio broadcast, facebook, linkedin, blogs, mobile phone or any other temptations that will distract you from your learning track.
  6. Exercise Daily: Doing exercise, jogging or aerobics increase your mental progress. Take intervals and do hard exercise for ten minutes, take deep breaths to reduce your mental stress and fasten your blood circulation. It makes you feel fresh hence you will be ready to resume your learning again.
  7. Yoga or Meditation: Yoga or meditation will help you great to increase your focus and concentration. You may join some yoga class but the best thing is youtube. Join some online session, follow the instructions and make strong commitment with yourself to do it daily.
  8. Stay with Offline Tools: It’s been great if you stick to the conventional ways. Don’t feel overwhelmed and go for hundreds of tips and tricks that are available online. Its great to have your flashcards with you and revise your vocabulary consequently learning lyrics of a song or write short paragraphs. These offline exercises are equally important as your online learning methods.
  9. Speak As Much As You Can: Always remember that learning language is not only reading, writing or listening. Your speaking is equally important as all the other three skills. So find your language partner, you may find very good friends on Facebook or other language forums. Talk to them at least half an hour in daily.