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Attestation Services In Dubai

Attestation ServicesWhen doing or operating a business in Dubai, you will need to prepare forms and other documentations that allow for fast transactions. These documents require legalization or attestation when being used in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE.

The certified attestation process can be confusing as some documents require it while others don’t. For issuance of Visa, work and residency permits, your educational, legal, marriage, professional and power-of-attorney documents have to be attested, and for this reason, you will need professionals who offer attestation services.

Why Us for Document Attestation Services in Dubai?

Our company deals with all types of translation, transcription, business setup, company registration, PRO services and attestation services among others. For this reason, we are well versed in the intricate processes and procedures surrounding the formalities of document clearing.

Therefore, we offer high-quality professional attestation services whereby we enable our clients to get attestation for their various certificates and documents so as to certify their authenticity to make them acceptable to business and government establishments in Dubai.

We Translation Company in Dubai, perform these attestation services for you, your family and family, relying on our vast experience and professional expertise to ensure great satisfaction in our services. Here are some of the attestation services that we perform on various documents and certificates.

  • Certificate Attestation

    This is the process of legalization, which is, making sure that the certificates presented are authentic and hence can be notarized for acceptance at various government and business premises.

    These certificates can be of many types including educational or legal. For educational certificates, they can be Bachelor’s or Master’s certificates which need to be attested especially if the staff or you will operate in an industrial type of business.

    Other legal certificates include birth certificates, death certificates, marriage or divorce certificates, medical certificates and employment certificates attestation services.

  • Permits

    Besides certificates, permits and IDs need attestation for them to be recognized and accepted by government and business agencies.

    These permits include Visas for you, your family and staff, medical visa, Emirates ID application, renewal and replacement and embassy attestation among others.

  • HRD Attestation

    This attestation is from the HRD of the respective state in the UAE Consulate and enables you to get attestation for educational certificates.

For all of the above attestation services, all you need is a trusted partner with whom you can entrust the documents and have them attested for you in a professional way.

Call us now for assistance to ensure that not only do you possess all the right documents for your stay but also, these documents are properly attested to avoid delays, denial of services and to ensure a smooth stay and operation of your business.

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