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Audio, Video Transcription Services Dubai, UAEThere are many times in which you may want an audio or video file in writing. This could be a telephone call, legal proceeding, video footage and corporate videos among others that can be turned into a text document that captures the dialogue. In such cases you need an audio/video transcription service that will capture all the details in the audio or video file, present them in an accepted fashion and stick to your requirements and specifications.

Types of Transcriptions Offered

Our transcription services are of the following types:

  • Audio & Video Transcription Dubai, UAE

  • Transcription of both source and target language

  • Translated transcription where the file is translated as well as transcribed

  • Transcription of source language only

Audio Transcription Dubai
Video Transcription Dubai
Transcribing Services Dubai
Transcribe Audio to Text Dubai

Transcription Services

These transcription services can be presented in verbatim, multiple speakers’ dialogue style, script style, technical style or as a revised summary.

At Translation Company in Dubai, we have certified transcribers who are professionally trained and native speakers of the source or target language and hence are able to provide high-quality transcriptions at competitive rates and within the time period stated. Besides, they adhere to strict standards of confidentiality and hence are great to work on complex legal, corporate and medical recordings as well as normal recordings including speeches, interviews, conference calls, seminars and discussions among others.

Audio Transcribing Dubai
Transcribe Audio Dubai
Legal Transcription Dubai
Audio transcription Services Dubai

Why Transcription Is Important

In multilingual video or audio content, transcription is of utmost importance as it allows the conversion of the original file into text format of the same language. This text can then be translated into the target language or used as is. It can be made available to those with impaired hearing or those that are deaf. Besides, you may not understand the audio or video file but gain clarity from reading the text. Important calls that due to nervousness can make you feel as if you did not get the point put across, if recorded and transcribed can reveal valuable ideas, inspiration and data that in retrospect is very useful.

Also, transcription can be a great way to help you understand what an audio file that is muddy, accented and has multiple speakers or languages can fail to make you understand. Our experienced native-speaking transcribers are also adept at catching the difficult words and expressions, nuances and heavily accented words and transcribing and/or translating them in a fast and accurate manner. The transcribed file will present a clearer picture and present the message in a way that you don’t have to keep replaying or straining to hear and understand. All you need to do is contact us and upload your audio or video file in any format and we will get right on it immediately.

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