Although individuals that can speak more than two languages often make the best translators, there is a lot more to translating than simply converting words into another language. As a translator, it is critical to get the right certification because it could mean the difference between just getting jobs and getting the best high paying jobs.

Certified translators obviously enjoy more perks compared to uncertified translators. When a translator is certified, it implies that he or she has the capacity to translate a project correctly and that the task at hand will be worked on with the utmost professionalism. Furthermore, certified translators are able to handle translations in an array of sectors and industries such as medical, tech, legal and financial.

Benefits of becoming a certified translator

The translation field is rewarding but it is also quite competitive. Therefore, translators must do everything possible to stand out from the others. One of the best ways to separate yourself from regular translators is by getting certified.

A certification in translation gives you a leg up over other translators whether you are a freelancer or are applying for a position in a translation agency. Although a degree can be useful also, getting certified is an inexpensive and less time-consuming way to get your foot in the door.

Where to get certified

You can get a translation certificate online or you can attend a brick and mortar classroom. Many universities and colleges offer professional certification and advanced degrees in translation. To get started:

  • Research to find certification programs near you: Contact the colleges and find out more information.
  • Find out what the requirements are: Not all translation programs are the same. They each have different requirements and some will suit your better than others will.
  • Cost and length of the program: Determine if you have the time and money to take and pass all the required classes.

Alternatively, you can join a translator’s association in your area if it offers certification programs for translators. An association such as the American Translator’s association has a longstanding established program that allows individuals to demonstrate the ways in which they meet the standard for a career in translation.

Benefits of becoming certified:

Job opportunities

Certification improves your exposure to future clients, particularly as a freelancer, and it increases the opportunities that are offered to you.

Chance to network

When you get certified and join a translating association in your field or local area, you automatically improve your chances of networking with fellow translators. The networking eventually leads to improved business insights and new work relationships.