Journey from a foreign language student to a foreign language teacher is not an uphill task. Yes, you may feel afraid but believe me it’s a pleasing journey. Because first you have invested money and now it’s time get returns. This shifting of role makes you feel excited but you got nervous at times too. You will work hard to improve your own language skills and start finding answers of the questions that you never thought of. Sometimes you may wish to have your own tutor who would muster up your courage. It is because your inside student feel afraid of to become a tutor and you need support psychologically. Do not worry, nobody can understand your situation. It is you, who will support yourself. So get ready because it’s time to make money with our 7 Money Making Tips as a Foreign Language Teacher!

  1. Choose Your Target Language: Mostly people know more than one languages at a time but first you need to select the language, which you can teach smartly. Your target language level must be upper intermediate or higher. Teaching any other foreign language to your native language speaker would give you a better opportunity to earn higher.
  2. Clear Objectives to be a Tutor: You know that why you have learned any foreign language but you also have clear objectives to be a foreign language learning tutor. It gives you motivation to improve your target language skills; you are teaching to make new friends, or it may help in your work or may be you want to travel abroad.
  3. Offer Free Language Classes: It’s good to offer free classes to not only improve your teaching skills but it also create confidence. You may ask individuals that how you can improve your teaching skills or what students want from you as a tutor. Sometimes students give smart suggestions that you never paid attention or you may not even aware of.
  4. Market Yourself Effectively: Advertise your skills and services on social media. Facebook, twitter, forums and friends or even you can make small youtube videos to market yourself. Communicate with your friends to tell others or you may also inform in your college that you are now a foreign language tutor!
  5. Organize Yourself: There are hundreds of resources available online and in book stores to learn languages. But wait! Don’t rush of for each and every tool just pick up the ones that you can handle effectively and also according to your students’ level. Make effective lesson plans targeting all four skills; reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  6. Diversify Your Income Resources: Do not limit yourself to your classroom, come out and explore the new ways available. Yes, online! You can give online lessons on Skype. Italiki is a fabulous platform to show your language skills and polish your own. You may also give guest lessons in the academies to introduce yourself as a foreign language tutor.
  7. Open YourSELF and Seek Help: Never hesitate or stop yourself in seeking help with other tutors. You learn a lot with others experiences and at times you will get the answers of unsolved questions. Exchange your ideas with others, because sky is the limit!