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Subtitling ServicesThe need to get the message across accurately through your corporate video, entertainment, educational or informative video to a larger audience that includes people who do not speak the language used in the video necessitates subtitling. However, subtitling requires a lot of work, from transcribing the footage to translating it to the target language then adapting it in the video and hence it is a process that requires skill in order to ensure that the original script is not changed as this can alter the message completely. Subtitling is targeted toward marketing companies, corporate videos, presentations, documentaries, films and shows as well as music videos.

Our Subtitling Services

Here at Translation Company in Dubai, we offer an array of subtitling services at competitive prices and to meet the client’s requirements and specifications. These subtitling services include but are not limited to:

  • Internet captioning

    This includes adding captions to an online video that is presented in English or any other foreign language. By captioning it using the target language, it can be enjoyed by both people who have great hearing and those who are hard of hearing or are deaf.

  • Corporate Videos

    These may be created for marketing, promotion, to bring awareness to a certain subject or just for records purposes. Whichever the case, subtitling these videos enables the companies to reach a wider and more diverse audience in the target language or demographic.

  • YouTube and Music Video

    We ensure that the subtitles match your video. The videos posted on YouTube or your music video have a higher chance of reaching more people if they are properly subtitled.

  • For Documentaries and Television Production

    Subtitling television shows and documentaries will enable the audience to keep up and enjoy the narration and presentations even if they do not speak the language used or cannot hear the sound properly. This helps these shows and documentaries reach more diverse people than they normally would.

  • Movies

    Another popular request is for movies that have subtitles. Hence, you as a filmmaker should add the subtitles in the language of choice to allow the people watching to follow the story without having to first learn the language in use! Using our subtitling services will allow you maintain the accuracy and depth of your movie’s lines and dialogs while conveying the subtitles in a different language. This will enable you to make your film available to a larger audience.

Pour subtitling services are for wide and varied types of videos and allow our clients reach a wider audience with their videos. They are of high quality and can be delivered in any format with the subtitles matching the audio perfectly.

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