Translation Layout & Artwork Services

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Translation Layout & Artwork Services

Translation Layout & ArtworkOnce the translation process has ended, it is only right to ensure that the work is well laid out for publication. Translation layout and artwork is mainly the work of design and layout team that provides desktop publishing and design to enable the resulting brochures, packaging or newsletter among others has the desired outlook and appropriate design to suit the target language and create the desired effect among the target audience. As such, translation layout and artwork services are very important in the process of translation especially for the kinds of translation that require publication afterwards such as advertising translation and marketing translation among others.

Why Choose Us for Your Translation Artwork and Layout Needs?

Translation Company in Dubai have great typesetting and design professionals not to mention editors who ensure that whether it is a brochure, business card or report, it is produced and published in a creative and well-designed manner to suit the target audience. Our typesetting team also ensures that the documents translated are presented to uphold the highest aesthetic standards for your target audience. This is because; presentation plays a huge role in the delivery of a certain message and in the evocation of the intended reaction or response. The team is professional and experienced and knows which fonts, style and tone to use, where to break the lines as well as where artwork should be inserted in your document. This ensures that the layout and artwork is localized and tailored to the target audience. Like translation, layout and artwork involves not only native speakers but also specialized skills that enable the translators to take into account the culture of the target audience as well as what presentation format they are most likely to respond favorably to.

Unlike basic translation, our translation layout and artwork services incorporate the use of modern technology and professional translators with a deep understanding of the native and local culture, language and knowledge and know how to apply this understanding to ensure the best presentation of your translated documents. It is a comprehensive service that starts at translation, goes through the design stages and ends at printing. It can mimic the source document or be tweaked to a more favorable design, layout and artwork according to the target audience and per the client’s specifications. With our native specialists, you can rest assured that the design of the translated text will not be compromised and also will be carefully cross-checked as they can spot any mistakes in the content and rectify and design it to suit online or printed publishing needs.

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