Voice Over Translation & Dubbing Services

Voice Over & DubbingVoice over translation is done when the text is converted to an audio file using professional voice over artists for multiple languages. On the other hand, dubbing services involve making sure that both the voice and the display or picture is in perfect harmony.

Our Voice Over Translation and Dubbing Services

At Translation Company in Dubai, we have talented professional voice over artists and dubbing professionals in various target audience all of whom are also well-trained and have great voice skills. They are also skilled in the art of pronunciation, vocabulary and voice modulation when working with the target language.

We not only pride ourselves in the experience we have amassed in providing these services to media companies but also, in our accuracy in getting a voice type matching that of the actor or presenter on screen and script adaptation as well as precision when it comes to carrying out these services. More so, we provide these services in many different languages.

Our voice over and dubbing services are aimed at helping clients create great performances. These include both animated and live-action movies, series, infomercials, online videos and documentaries. Such services can also be used in the creation of video games, presentations and training videos, product trailers as well as for use in e-learning software.

Our voice over and dubbing services include:

  • Dubbing for recordings and podcast programs.

  • Audio dubbing for presentations, websites, slideshows and films.

  • Dubbing for automated phone messages.

  • Audio, movie and video dubbing.

  • Selecting great voice over talent to be announces, narrators, actors and presenters among other voice over artists for the purpose of providing voice over recordings in the language you want. These can be male or female adults, teenagers or children as per the script provided.

  • Multi-lingual voice over and dubbing projects to help you bring your video to a wider audience using the target language.

  • TV commercial voice over.

  • Educational and informative video voice over.

  • Movie trailer voice over.

  • Business and corporate video voice overs.

  • Training videos voice over.

  • Podcasting, imaging and radio spots.

  • Video game voice overs.

  • Voice overs for audio menus, GPS navigations and on hold calls.

  • Audio book voice over

  • Cartoon voice over.

  • Lip-sync (lip synchronization) voice overs.

  • Documentary and narration voice overs.

All the above services and more are offered at competitive prices and by talented voice professionals who are well-trained in their various native languages and hence can capture the cultural references, nuances and expressions perfectly. Besides, you can review the various samples and request for one that stands out or ask us to recommend one judging by the qualities need.

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