5 Mistakes That A Language Learner Should Avoid

//5 Mistakes That A Language Learner Should Avoid

5 Mistakes That A Language Learner Should Avoid

Learning a new language makes you feel good and happy but at time students make some mistakes that will take them to the dead end. They even unaware of their mistakes and they keep revising them and in the end they stop learning. Before learning any language you must know what are the dos and don’ts that you should take care as a language learner. Remember this is not a competition, in fact YOUR competition is with YOU only and nobody else. Never hesitate and keep moving. Here are the 5 mistakes that a language learner should avoid.


  1. Never Feel Ashamed: Fear of doing mistakes and feeling embarrassed are the biggest hindrances in your language learning. Make foreign friend and communicate with them, even if you are taking a language class so don’t be shy. But how do you know the right things if you don’t know the wrong ones. Speak out and never be afraid of your incorrect pronunciation. You will make it twice or thrice but next time you will pronounce it correctly and never forget.
  2. Listen Without Losing: Silence is the best thing that teaches you most. Listen attentively and focus on the words, phrases and pronunciation. Once your ears are familiar with the sounds and your brain will start accepting the unfamiliar notes then it will become easier for you to learn a language. Losing the words and replying incorrectly is the worst thing. Listen to the speaker, focus on the body language and try to understand what has been asked.
  3. Making a Mountain Out of a Molehill: Never make achievable goals or think about speaking fluently on the very first day. You will become overwhelmed and this molehill will distract your language learning process. Keep your goals clear and smart. Like never think of learning so many words in one day but learn vocabulary as much as you can remember easily. Like make the target of five words, then gradually increases it to ten. Revise the list regularly otherwise this molehill will never let you touch the sky.
  4. Embrace the Culture:  Open yourself and embrace the culture. Language is not only the matter of words but it is the whole culture, which is awaiting you to get in. Never stop yourself or think negatively, open yourself instead and try to accept new things happily. If you are an expat, then make foreign friends and celebrate their festivals and try to participate in the functions. Once you are in the culture then language learning will not be an uphill task for you. Take some art classes or cooking classes that will directly lead you inside the heart of your target language.
  5. Never Overestimate Your Learning: Learning everything in a single day especially when you are in the foreign country is a fool’s play. Never overestimate your learning process and overwhelmed with the bombardment of knowledge but keep your pace slow and steady instead. Revise the things regularly.  Talk to your foreign friend or a language partner regularly, you will see that your learning has been speed up without making any extra effort.
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