The major differences between American and British English

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Anyone that has ever tried learning a language knows how difficult learning a new language from scratch is, even when the language is as similar to our own as possible. If you are trying to learn the English language when you have never spoken it before, the process can be daunting, frustrating and tiring. Many people [...]

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Unique things about the Arabic Language

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There are millions of people around the world distributed in more than sixty countries that speak Arabic as their first language. Naturally, Arab traders that traveled to various parts of the globe dispensing their sought-after wares helped to make the language so widespread. Today, the Arabic language has considerable sway over how other languages are spoken, [...]

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History of Mandarin

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The history of the Mandarin language is long and extensive, which can make it a bit tricky to trace. Mandarin is spoken by almost 1.3 billion people in the world, which makes it the language with the highest number of native speakers. The Chinese language is spoken mainly in the form of standard Mandarin, which is [...]

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